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SNT 2018, Prague


Signing up for the SNT is now closed. If you would like to attend, please send us an e-mail.\ Agenda is updated\ NEWS: The event is over. Thank you for joining it!

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              Thursday          Friday                  Saturday         Sunday

08:00 - 10:00 -- breakfast breakfast breakfast 10:00 - 12:00 -- Talks City tour Free 12:00 - 14:00 -arrival- Campus tour + lunch City tour EOF + lunch + departures 14:00 - 16:00 -arrival- Campus tour + lunch lunch departures 16:00 - 18:00 Introduction Free Dormitory tour -- 18:00 - 20:00 dinner dinner Dormitory tour -- 20:00 - 24:00 Presentations 1 Presentations 1 BBQ --


People representing 22 networking clubs and one SNT-alumni have registered for the event. Except the clubs based in Prague, there are 77 unique registrations.

Country City Club Registrations

Czech Republic Prague Buben 1 Czech Republic Prague Silicon Hill 15+ Czech Republic Prague Sincoolka 1 France Brest Le ResEl 1 France Metz Supélec Rézo Metz 1 France Paris ViaRézo 1 France Lille Rézoléo 1 France Rennes Supélec Rézo Rennes 1 Germany Dresden AG DSN 17 Germany Nürnberg FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg 1 Germany Ilmenau FeM e.V. 7 Germany Bochum Haus Michael auf Draht e.V. 2 Germany Chemnitz Chemnitzer StudentenNetz 2 Germany Erlangen Rommelwood e.V. 6 Germany Stuttgart Selfnet e.V. 11 Germany -- SNT-Archiv & Chronik 1 Germany Karlsruhe Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe AöR/SCC 2 Germany Freiberg StuNet Freiberg 3 Germany München StuStaNet e.V. 5 Germany Göttingen University of Göttingen 3 Slovakia Žilina Internet Klub 3 Slovakia Bratislava Ynet 8

          Thursday                           Friday                  Saturday                                     Sunday

Breakfast -- buffet buffet buffet

Elevenses --

 Lunch    \--                                                        Chicken soup\                                Baquettes 2Go [1]([2]([3](
                                                                     Goulash w/ dumplings

  :::     VEG: \--                           VEG:                    VEG:Penne w/ dried tomatoes and mozzarella   VEG:


Dinner    Chicken w/ potatoes                Pork Kung-Pao w/ rice   BBQ                                          \--

  :::     VEG:Roasted broccoli w/ potatoes   VEG:Vegetable risotto   :::                                          \--

Questions & Answers

Below you can find some useful information about how to get to the Strahov dormitory or how public transport in Prague works.

How to get to the Strahov dormitory?

The first place to visit is the SNT18 HQ, located at Olympijská 2 (50.0818819N, 14.3930931E). There are generally two options how to get there: by public transport or by car.

By public transport

Buy a 90-minute public transport ticket (CZK 32, cca. €1.30). You can get one in a vending machine (almost all of them accept payment by card).

Please do not forget to validate your ticket upon entering the bus/tram the first time. To do so, find a yellow ticket validating machine. If you would like to use the Prague Metro, please find the ticket validating machines at the entrance to the platforms.

Ticket vending
machine Ticket validating
machine{width="130" query="?130"} Ticket validating

  • Arriving at the Prague airport
    • Get the transport ticket at the information center at the airport, or use the vending machine by the bus stop, which is in front of the airport (it also accepts cards).
    • Take bus 191 in direction "Na Knížecí". The bus stop is in front of the airport.
    • Get off at the station "Stadion Strahov". The journey should take 37 minutes.
    • You can reach the dormitory by foot (5 mins) or take the bus line 143 or 149 to the next stop "Koleje Strahov".
  • Arriving at the Praha hlavní nádraží train station
    • Take the tram No. 9 from "Hlavní nádraží" to "Švandovo divadlo" tram stop.
    • Then transfer to the bus line 176 in direction "Stadion Strahov", which is your final stop.
    • You can reach the dormitory by foot (5 mins) or take bus line 143 or 149 to the next stop "Koleje Strahov".

Praha hlavní nádraží tram
transfer Švandovo divadlo bus
transfer{width="170" query="?170"}

  • Arriving at the Praha, Florenc bus station
    • Option 1
      • Cross the big street on the north, preferably by using the underground tunnel, and go north until you find a tram stop at "Sokolovská" street. The longest corridor in that tunnel should lead you right to the tram stop.
      • Take the tram No. 8 (direction "Nádraží Podbaba") to "Vítězné náměstí" tram stop.
      • Walk up the "Svatovítská" street, away from the roundabout, until you come to a bus stop "Kafkova". It's about 100m away, on the west side of the road.
      • Take the bus line 143 or 149. Get off the bus at "Koleje Strahov".
    • Option 2
      • Descend to the underground (metro) station, line C (red). Take the train in direction "Letňany", and get off at the next stop, which is "Vltavská".
      • Exit the underground and take the tram No. 1 (direction "Sídliště Petřiny") or No. 25 (direction "Bílá Hora").
      • Get off at the station "Prašný most".
      • Take the bus line 143 or 149 from "Prašný most" to "Koleje Strahov".

Praha Florenc tram
transfer Praha Florenc Metro

  • Arriving at the Praha, Anděl bus station
    • Take the bus line 191. Get off the bus at "Stadion Strahov" station.
    • You can reach the dormitory by foot (5 mins) or take bus line 143 or 149 to the next stop "Koleje Strahov".

By car

  • Navigate to Olympijská 2 (50.0818819N, 14.3930931E) :-)
  • Parking available within the dormitory.

Dormitory plan

Here is an simplified dormitory plan. The Stadion Strahov bus station is located in the left bottom corner. Strahov dormitory plan for
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Coming earlier, leaving later?

If you are still wondering what places to visit in Prague prior to the SNT or after it, you might take a look at the Honest Guide (EN). This series contains useful information about where to eat, interesting places to visit and things to be aware of.

Do you need any cash?

The accommodation and food will be provided by us, so you do not have to care about it. Also, you will get public transport tickets valid from 24th to 26th from us. Apart from your own expenditures you should not need any cash. Most of the shops and restaurants accept payment cards. Notable exceptions are some public transport ticket machines (see above) and the Restaurant Petrin (CZ) located in the Strahov dormitory. To check the currency exchange rate, you can use this Fast Currency Converter (EN) app for Android.

If, for any reason, you need the cash, avoid exchanging your money at the airport/train station and always ask how much money you are going to get (nominal rate 1 EUR \~ 25 CZK). If you withdraw from the ATM, always prefer those which are indoors, and decline the integrated currency conversion (DCC) and accept the value in CZK. You will then get the exchange rate of your bank, which is always much better.